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Just One of Those Family Stories

Every family has their stories. You know the ones – the one about Great Aunt Edna hitting a stranger’s house with her car, the one about you

Caught in the Middle

Have you found yourself in the middle of a disagreement between two people you care about?

The Never-Ending List

Life gets really full and really busy, and sometimes it feels like you can’t add one more thing. But today, I challenge you to add more thin

Farewell, First Dates

My husband, Chresten, and I celebrated 19 years of marriage in January of this year. What that means is that it's been well over 20 year

Passing the Baton of Faith

As I sat in a room of 7,000 women, I felt the Holy Spirit so gently undoing my heart as I listened to Christine Caine give a message about p

Summer at Sanctuary

Join us this Summer at Sanctuary as we sit back around our virtual pool, kick off our flip flops, and just connect with one another.

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