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Assuming the Best

I can visualize just where I was sitting in the dimly lit bedroom of our rent house, 16 years ago, where we housed our ministry's home office. I sat through much of that phone conversation with a dear friend, alternating between picking up my jaw from the dropped position and dabbing my face from the tears slowly streaming down my face. It's funny how a single conversation can change the course of relationship, and yet, many years later, you can't truly recall its content. In bullet form, my takeaways from that afternoon's fatal blow to a friendship I treasured were as follows: She had young children. I had none. While we had considered ourselves to be the best of friends, she had been feeli

Confessions of a Church Rebel

A grown woman made eight-years-old again…kindly tolerated but not belonging. If Jesus was so great, why were His people so hard to please?

Fishers of Men

I believe every Christian would benefit by doing what God has called them to do instead of wasting energy trying to discredit what others ar

Grace or Truth?

When my husband and I started going to church “for the kids”, I was not where I needed to be with the Lord and my husband wasn’t even saved.

New Blog Series

They never made us feel stupid, or “outed” our sin. They walked real LOVE into our lives and He showed us the way.--Sheila Harper Grace is an almost indescribable gift given to mankind by God Himself. By its Biblical definition, grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, manifested through salvation of sinners. You may have heard it described as "the giving of a gift someone did not deserve or could never repay". But as members of the 21st century Church, we often see various perspectives of what grace truly is and how it should be given and received, both in man's opinion of how God grants it to those who believe, as well as how we extend it to one another. You might say that the pendulu

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