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Let's Talk with Sanctuary is a podcast for women, specifically women in ministry. It's our firm belief at Sanctuary that isolation is the Number One tool that the enemy is using to take down women in leadership. Through this platform Sanctuary's endeavoring to open the conversation with off-limits topics, share some love, laughter, and encouragement, and inspire more authentic conversation among ministry wives. 

Let's talk.

We're taking a (short) break.

We are taking a short podcasting break to allow additional time for content creation, topical exploration, and overall rest. Look for the launch of Season Four in early 2024! And in the meantime, catch up on the first three seasons of Let's Talk with Sanctuary's dynamic content, designed with women in ministry and leadership in mind.

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September 29, 2023
S3 E74:

Let's Retreat

Despite the fact that Sanctuary, our ministry for ministry wives, was launched by an annual event we host call Let’s Retreat, we have never done an entire episode on what it is, why it’s important, who should go, all the things. So, today we are talking about Let's Retreat! Get to know a few of the key players who make this two-day, two-night retreat as impactful as it is. You are in for a treat! Let's Talk about Let's Retreat. 

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