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Purposeful Detours & Delays

Stepping out and saying 'yes' to God is hard. If it was easy, everyone would be fulfilling their purpose for God and there would be

Beware of Blah

Why are we as women so content to push people away and settle for a life that is okay or good when God has designed a life for us that can b

Let's Talk...TOMORROW!

Let's Talk with Sanctuary, Sanctuary's BRAND NEW PODCAST for women in ministry, launches TOMORROW, September 2, 2020! We can't wait to share through this new platform and our Episode One guest, Lisa Goins, is one you won't want to miss. Help us spread the word! Stop by our site's Let's Talk page and share it on your social media platforms. 'Like' our Let's Talk Facebook page and share it on your Facebook feed. Subscribe via your favorite podcast app so you won't miss one episode! Let's Talk can be found on iTunes, Google, and Spotify. Take that one step further and give the show a rating and review. Those who provide a rating and review before Friday, September 11, will be entered into a dra

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