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About the Founder

Bridgette Tomlin, Founder


Bridgette and her husband, Chresten, have been married for 26 years and have been in the ministry together for every single one of those years! (whew!) 25 of the 26 years have been spent in full-time evangelistic work, both stateside and overseas. They have two beautiful daughters--ages 19 and 14--and base out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


Although Bridgette and her hubby have been in the same vein of ministry all of these years, the makeup of itinerant ministry is in a constant state of flux. Transition is a key operative for this ministry. Like many ministry wives she often feels like the red flag on the tug-of-war rope with the children on one end and her husband and the ministry on the other end! Somewhere in the mix she's learned to be proactive in keeping herself in a place of Spirit-led decision-making. 


When she finds time for personal hobbies, Bridgette enjoys entertaining, writing, singing, browsing the local antique shops, and sipping on a cup of hot tea for a few precious quiet moments. Her heart is to lead others to the authentic presence of God--through worship, through Word, and through one-on-one connection.

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