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Cue the confetti!

Cue the confetti! 🎆 Let's Retreat '24 registration is NOW OPEN for FIRST-TIME GUESTS! Sanctuary's annual two-day, two-night retreat, designed specifically for women who are married and in full-time ministry, is a unique blend of rest, respite, renewal, FUN, connection...all the best things! And once you've attended a Let's Retreat event, you are eager to return. Soooo, we are giving our FIRST-TIME GUESTS first dibs on the limited availability of suites as we want as many ministry wives to experience this life-changing encounter as possible.

...we are giving our FIRST-TIME GUESTS first dibs!

Stop by Sanctuary's event listing by clicking here. This is the perfect opportunity to put all of those "we should get together soon" threads into action! Invite that ministry wife friend of yours to register and let's get this party started!

Don't put off securing your suite. These events are intentionally kept small. So, space truly is limited. We hope to see YOU in November!


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