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What is a Sanctuary Let's Retreat?

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Sanctuary Let's Retreats are held annually and are designed for women who are married and in full-time ministry with their husbands. Each multi-night retreat features sessions of teaching, prayer, and relationship building, as well as time for pampering, rest, and relaxation. The event's reduced rate makes this oasis affordable to each invited guest.

The venue is Gathering Oaks Retreat in Crawford, TX, just 15 short minutes from Waco. The total cost for two days and two nights averages between $350-450 (lodging accommodations vary), which includes all catered meals, deluxe lodging accommodations, a beautiful swag bag of goodies, and all the amenities that the location & retreat schedule afford. 

Let's Retreat 2024 will take place Nov 5-7. 2024 and registration will open on March 4, 2024! So, subscribe to the site so you'll be the first to know. Take that "we should get together sometime" to a "see you in November" with one invite to a fellow ministry wife!

Let's Retreat Guests said it...

"This was something I didn't know I needed

until I came and experienced it."

"I love how the Holy Spirit reveals Himself to us, each in such a personal intimate way. I'll be feasting on this experience for a while!"

"I didn't realize how depleted I was until I got here. It felt so good to feel supported and uplifted, and to experience peace again."

"Sanctuary Let's Retreats make it possible for me to make new friends from all over the country who love the Lord & relate to who I am."

"I am so overwhelmed by the blessing of this time away. It was much more than I ever expected."

"I slept like a baby! So… I guess the one thing I enjoyed the most was catching my breath (Psalm 23 The Message) and taking it all in. I feel so refreshed. Thank you all for a wonderful time!"

"The opportunity to just “be” made this an incredible experience. For me it was turning off the motion of organizing and being in charge. Every detail was meticulously thought through and deeply felt. THANK YOU for your obedience and sacrifices! I am REFRESHED!"

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