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Summer at Sanctuary

Join us this Summer at Sanctuary as we sit back around our virtual pool, kick off our flip flops, and just connect with one another. Who doesn't love a day of sun-soaking with a few of your favorite friends? Each week we'll enjoy a blog featuring topics that meet the ministry wife where she's at. In July we'll gather around the dinner table at regional Let's Connect events, currently scheduled for ten different locations and growing! And on our Facebook group we share the day-to-day with one another. Let's enjoy a lovely Summer at Sanctuary!

What's Let's Connect? Once a quarter we host events in various locations across the nation, opportunities for ministry wives to meet one another over a casual dinner. Isolation can often be a tool the enemy uses to sabotage the ministry wife as it is often difficult to find other women who understand the in's and out's of the ministry family. This summer Sanctuary will host Let's Connect events on July 11th and then on July 18th (locations posted here). Can't find a location near you? Create your own! Take this opportunity to contact a ministry wife near you and purpose to meet for coffee or dinner. We need each other! (Wanna know why? Read more.) And our lives aren't getting any less busy! So Let's Connect...on purpose.

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