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Free to Set Free

Pastor’s wives aren’t supposed to have a story. At least that’s what I thought. Even though I read countless stories in the Bible of how God

It's Time to Celebrate!

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, Sanctuary will celebrate its site's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! To celebrate, we are giving away a few of our favo

So they are no longer two...

When The Husband and I first met in college, I was 19. The Husband got me a job at the bar he was working at and, shortly thereafter, we sta

A Masterful Mess

Have you ever been completely disappointed in God? I have, more than once. If you want to know the truth, I have been completely angry with

New Perspectives

Why would I refuse to go do something that would make my life better? The answer is clear to me, I’m a mom. Most moms will understand. See,

Share Your Story

Throughout the month of March, beginning March 6, we will feature a 'Share Your Story' series which will highlight some high's a

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