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Share Your Story

Throughout the month of March, beginning March 6, we will feature a 'Share Your Story' series which will highlight some high's and low's of ministry wives, just like you. This feature has come about through the ever apparent need of women in ministry to be reminded: "I'm not alone", "I can do it if she did it", or "that might work for where I'm at", and so much more.

What's your story? Every woman has a story and we would love to hear yours. Write to us through our Contact Us page. Tell us about how you met your husband, or how you knew you were called to ministry, or even about a tough season of ministry you've found yourself in or just on the other side of. What lessons have you learned? What makes you the daughter, wife, or mom that you are? What stirs you for ministry?

Stop by Sanctuary each Monday in March for another heartwarming, real, authentic story from one of your own. We are glad to have you here at Sanctuary.

Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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