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We Celebrate You.

This weekend we recognize those who have given birth, raised children who weren't their own, loved when it was challenging to do so, stayed in the fight when a child's life was on the line, sacrificed much, felt overlooked, did the hard things when an easier route was available, trained up a new generation of Christ-followers, prayed if and when they strayed, celebrated when they returned, and modeled what it means to love 'til it hurts.

...and modeled what it means to love 'til it hurts.

Motherhood is one of the most gratifying, exhausting, hurtful, and healing efforts on this planet. (Sometimes all in one day!) With each season of parenting comes a learning curve you weren't quite expecting, but were undoubtedly expected to know how to do it well. Some days you fail, other days you thrive. And many days, you simply survive. But in your gut, you know it's worth it.

For our friends who are grieving the loss of your own mother, or perhaps you're grieving the loss of ever even becoming a mother, or still some who have lost a child this past year and find their arms empty today--we see you. We pray God's strong arms hold you close today, that He provides sweetness in the sadness, knowing it won't always feels quite as hard as it does today.

For all that you've given, dear girl, we see you and hope you feel the warmth of these words today--


Happy Mother's Day to you, woman of God.


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