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We're thankful for you.

At Sanctuary, we are taking an opportunity this Thanksgiving Day to say "thank You" to our Lord and Savior for His many servants who give so sacrificially each day of every year. For those who keep saying "yes" when they truly want to quit. For those who love God's people, even when they use and abuse God's chosen leaders. And for those who give and keep giving, even when it feels like there's nothing left to give.

We are thankful for you, dear friend. And on the days when you feel that no one else gets it, may the sweet Holy Spirit remind you once again, "You're not alone. You can find your people at Sanctuary."

"You're not alone. You can find your people at Sanctuary."

So, take a deep breath today and require your heart and mind to look back over this past year, laced with grace, loaded with hardship, but laden with His provision and His presence, and remember: great is His faithfulness.

When it comes to what we can be thankful for, at Sanctuary, you're at the top of our list. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.


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