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New Microblog Series

Throughout 2022 you'll find four different episodes of Sanctuary's podcast, Let's Talk with Sanctuary, exclusively covering the topic of Ministry to Women. The first of the four went live in February featuring our guest specialist Kelli Ferguson! Part Two went live on Friday, June 3, with two more episodes due out later in September and November of this year.

And we've got even more great news!

Throughout the month of June we will be featuring a microblog series right here at that will unpack this topic even further. Every single Wednesday of this month you’ll find another fresh approach to this topic from four different guest bloggers.

You may be wondering, “What does microblog mean?” It means that we aren’t going to take up a bunch of your time as each of these entries will take you five minutes or less to read but will be loaded with amazing insight from each of our guests, something of value for you as a leader and for other women’s ministries leaders you may be connected to. So, stop by Sanctuary each Wednesday in June and let’s talk more about leading women’s ministries in 2022.

PS What is a common challenge for your local ministry to women? Share in the comments below!


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