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LTS Season 4 Launches TODAY!

We are launching Season Four of Let's Talk with Sanctuary today and welcome a return visit with our friend, Sheila Harper of SaveOne. As we sit in the first month of the year 2024, the very definition of identity is up for grabs. In the past, the term ‘identity’ meant your name, your job, your role in a family or a business, how you were known as a human. In years past, jokes were made about having “an identity crisis”. But we are undoubtedly in one of the greatest identity crises the world has ever seen.

How does this identity crisis affect the 21st century woman in ministry and leadership? How does this impact the next generation? And what does God say about the subject of identity? You'll draw immeasurable wisdom and be better equipped to shape the next generation on the other side of this insightful conversation with LTS host Bridgette Tomlin and her guest Sheila Harper.

Find Let's Talk with Sanctuary on your preferred streaming app or stream directly from our site by clicking here.


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