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Rest Up | New Blog Series

As the Sanctuary team is buzzing about the details, preparing for this year's Let's Retreat in just a few short weeks, it's rather ironic that October's blog series will focus on rest. Rest seems to be a four-letter word in today's western culture. In the minds of many, especially those who serve in leadership, "rest" is synonymous with "lazy". And for many serving in ministry, it seems downright impossible to achieve. Even if you take a day off, do you really have (or, rather, take) time to truly rest?

This month we will be inspired and challenged by ministry wives and guest bloggers who have learned the value of pursuing and keeping one of the Top Ten commandments--instructed by God the Father, modeled by His Son, and facilitated by His Spirit.

How do you Sabbath?

Whether you do it well, or are finding it harder to come by these days, let's take this journey together. And, girlfriend--take a deep breath. It's all going to be okay. It's time to Rest Up.

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