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They never made us feel stupid, or “outed” our sin. They walked real LOVE into our lives and He showed us the way.--Sheila Harper

Grace is an almost indescribable gift given to mankind by God Himself. By its Biblical definition, grace is the free and unmerited favor of God, manifested through salvation of sinners. You may have heard it described as "the giving of a gift someone did not deserve or could never repay". But as members of the 21st century Church, we often see various perspectives of what grace truly is and how it should be given and received, both in man's opinion of how God grants it to those who believe, as well as how we extend it to one another.

You might say that the pendulum has swung too far in each direction. One has erred in the way of closed-minded, shunning of sin AND sinner, expecting the sinner to be straightened up before he shows up to the Church; the other has exploited the grace of God to permit sin to the point that the sinner doesn’t see any difference once he crosses the threshold of the local church from the world of which he came. Many who are raised in the Church don’t know what to do if they fall prey to sin because they fear the response of the church. And others who have not been raised in church aren’t sure how they Church will accept them.

We have to become better at shunning sin but loving sinners.

How do you give grace? Join us on this journey throughout May, launching next Monday, May 6, as we hear from guest bloggers who have received grace, but have also learned how to give it.

Let's be Grace Givers.

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