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Sanctuary Summer Book Club

This week we continue with WEEK TWO of our Sanctuary Summer Book Club. Today we feature two reviews from Sanctuary team member, Casey Graves. Remember: a drawing will be held at the close of the week from those who have read the reviews and comment below the post. We will be giving away a copy of each of these two incredible books!

Welcome to the Club!

Everybody, Always

by Bob Goff So, I am not one to jump on bandwagons. And when everyone started reading this book, I hesitated. Sometimes I just don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. However, my husband read it first, and then our staff at church. They all convinced me that I just HAD to read it.

And, well, they were right. This book is so much fun to read!

Every chapter has the same message, which is to love everybody like Jesus loves (which is really difficult to do, so it was a good message!). It is one of those books that inspires you with every chapter. It is also very easy to read. Each chapter is self-contained with a personal anecdotal story from the author’s life (that is always amazing) and then a challenge to love people. So, you can read a 5-minute chapter a day, or put it down for a few days and pick it right back up. It never made me feel guilty, or that I am not enough in what I am doing, like some books tend to do. It just made me laugh, cry, and feel motivated to love others like Jesus. To order your own copy of Everybody, Always, click here.

Fierce Faith, A Woman’s Guide to Fighting Fear, Wrestling with Worry, and Overcoming Anxiety

by Alli Worthington (with Propel Women) This is a great book for anyone who struggles with fear, worry, or anxiety. I need to be honest that I haven’t finished this book yet because it is harder for me to read than Everybody, Always….and only because it's messing with me. It is challenging me and pushing my fear buttons. So,I am reading it slower, but it is very good. Author Alli Worthington discusses what it means to be frozen in fear, how fear steals our joy, how to respond to fear Biblically, and then she goes through all of our “what-ifs” we tend to dwell on with a battle plan.

I have read many books on this subject and this is one of the best ones I have read. It's very practical and very honest. At the very end of the book she has you write your own battle plan, with Biblical truth you declare over your life, and with scriptures and statements to write out. I am working on that part now and it is very worthwhile!

Alli also addresses living life in survival mode, constantly afraid of letting people down, living in a God-distracting dread. This really is a powerful book to use in defeating fear. This will be one book I re-read over and over again.

To purchase your own copy of Fierce Faith, click here.


This is ENTRY TWO in our July blog series, Sanctuary Summer Book Club. Each week we will feature reviews of some of our favorite reads and be giving away a copy of the featured book(s) for those who read AND comment below the entry. Want a FREE copy of one of this week's featured books? Post a comment below and you'll be entered to win at the close of the week!


Casey Graves is a wife, momma to two girls, and co-pastor/planter of Foundations Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She enjoys a good cup of coffee with a friend or a family date day when she finds some spare time. What draws her to Sanctuary is her desire to truly share her vulnerabilities and struggles to help others dealing with similar wounds and insecurities that come with ministry. Casey recently published her first book, Perfectly Weak, now available at Amazon, and blogs at We Are Perfectly Weak.

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