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We need one another.

Greater connection is often found on the other side of simple invitation. Sometimes we just mean too well. We "mean to" call her. We "mean to" follow up with a coffee date invite. We "mean to" pray intentionally for her needs, her family, her marriage, her ministry.

Let's quit saying "we need to get together" and just make it happen!

Let's Connect events are the perfect opportunity to take your great intentions to great connections! These casual dinner gatherings are being hosted by ministry wives across the nation. By their definition, they are simply made up of dinner, laughter, conversation, and authentic connection. Currently we have approximately 50 locations nationwide but there's an obvious need for more event locations! With over 10,000 cities and communities in the the US alone, and many of those cities remarkably in need of more than one location, it may just be time for you to step out and say, "I'll consider hosting".

But what if no one shows up?

Here's what one of our veteran Let's Connect hosts had to say about the nature of her quarterly event:

"I've been surprised at times with the turnout, either by more or less than I expected but have found ministry wife friends here that I may not have connected with if I had not reached out. I always have each one tell the funniest thing that has ever happened to them in ministry. Believe me, ministry, people and praying for people can be quite hilarious. LOL ...I would encourage you to take your staff wives or even one friend that will listen to your heart, let you vent, and perhaps promise to pray for you."--Let's Connect host

Stop by our site today to check out more details for the 2022 events launching in February. Event locations will begin posting on our Facebook group the last week of January. Why don't you consider hosting in your area for one or more events this year? LC Host Teams select the date and location that works best for them, our LC Coordinator Richelle Wingo guides the hosts through the simple process of adding guests to the Facebook event we provide via our Sanctuary group, and then connects them to other hosts for support and encouragement. It's THAT EASY!

We need one another, now more than ever. Come on, friends--let's connect.


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