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Those Lazy Days of...

It's our desire here at Sanctuary that you are finding some space to take a deep breath this summer. Most people affectionately refer to this beloved season each year as "the lazy days of summer". Whoever coined that phrase certainly wasn't involved in full-time ministry. Last time I checked, summer amps up the schedule for the local church, attempting to fill in the gaps for the families in your community with additional events like camps, Vacation Bible School, and the like. All the while your team is engaging your church body to keep moving forward in their spiritual growth and not take a vacation from church attendance, spiritual disciplines, and unified worship as a community in their perpetual weekend-state-of-mind.

Finding a deep breath will have to be intentional. In fact, you may have considered a family vacation and then thought, "When could we possibly get out of town?" or "How is everyone else affording a beach getaway this year? We're barely keeping the lights on at our church!" You may have to get creative this year. But you still need some time away.

You may have to get creative this year. But you still need some time away.

Set some boundaries for your family this year and work toward at least a few days pieced together, away from the demands of ministry. For some of you, a stay-cation is as good as it gets! You make the calls, send the emails, put down the phones, and enjoy some downtime, right in your hometown. But for others, staying at home means you won't be able to truly detox from the rigors of ministry and work life. If you're like me, I don't have to go far. But I definitely need to go AWAY. In order for my husband, my children and I to truly be present, driving out of town is just the mental checkpoint required.

How will you Sabbath this summer? You know it won't just happen that you take a few days to rest. You'll have to decide to do it. You'll have to trust God to provide for it. And you'll be leading those who follow you to obey the Lord and find rest, as well. Some may not understand it. Others will be jealous. But you'll be obedient, knowing that God has ordered us to rest so we can serve Him more effectively.

Share in the comments below what you enjoy when you're seeking out time to rest.


Speaking of rest, Sanctuary is taking a few months' blog break in order to refresh, dream bigger, hear from the Lord, and provide current, viable resources for you and your family. In the meantime, dig deep into Sanctuary's blog archives as we've provided this current resource for over five years! There's a wealth of insight for you to catch up on while your toes are cooling in the lake or propped up on the dash, headed out of town on a road trip getaway.


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