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I'm just too busy.
No one lives near me who gets how my family lives or the burdens we carry.
I don't need to plan one more thing.
I've tried that before. And it just didn't work for me.
I did a lot more of that when I was younger, but it's just not as important anymore.
I just wish someone would reach out to me for once.

Do any of the above reasons (aka excuses) sound familiar to you? Probably so if you've been married and in the ministry for more than a few days. We use these true, but also false, narratives to give ourselves permission to avoid connection with other women, or even to reach out and try. Nobody knows this better than me. My husband and I are swiftly approaching the silver anniversary of marriage and ministry and there are days, sometimes weeks, and yes, sometimes months when I entertain the "I don't have a true friend in the world" mental dialog. Why? Because friendship with other women is difficult! And friendship with other women, while in the ministry, is next to impossible, right?


It may have been impossible before. But what if we could change the narrative, the pattern? Call me crazy but that's what Sanctuary is all about. In fact, it's the very motivation for launching this movement seven years ago. You are worthy of authentic friendship. You are designed for it by your Maker. And I'm standing up to let you know: I care enough about you, dear friend, to shout it out: "Don't settle for anything less!"

Girl, I know it's complicated. Try having a husband who is out of town for nearly as many nights per year as he is home! Being a married, yet part-time single mom has its moments! But there is a measure of grace that God provides for us. He does His part. And we do ours.

Your part is what I'm about to task you with. While you may be familiar with our quarterly events hosted across the United States, by ministry wives for ministry wives, called Let's Connect (learn more here), we are initiating a 30-day challenge throughout the month of April called the #letsconnectchallenge. In fact, we are so motivated to motivate you, we are giving away PRIZES at the end of the month, drawing from the names of those who have joined in on this exciting venture.

So how do I take the #letsconnectchallenge?

  1. Contact a ministry wife who lives near you and arrange to meet up for lunch or a coffee date at some point during the month of April. Don't know anyone who lives near you? Comment within Sanctuary's Facebook group or DM us on an Instagram @sanctuarym2mw, letting the community know where you live! This is your opportunity to find and foster a new friendship.

  2. Make it happen! Connect. Share your heart. Make yourself vulnerable. And most importantly, laugh over something sweet.

  3. Snap a photo and share it on social media with the hashtag #letsconnectchallenge.

  4. Check out our giveaways as we come to the close of April through Facebook, Instagram, and email. We've got some fun stuff to give away in a drawing from those who participate. More details on the prizes will be revealed throughout the month.

BONUS: The more times you connect, the more opportunities you'll have to win. There are NO LIMITS on the number of entries!

So why not toss out those "reasons" that have been keeping you from carving out a few hours every 30 days or so for yourself? It's time to take the #letsconnectchallenge!

Got questions? Contact us here!


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