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Let's Retreat Registration is open!

TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! Stop by our ticketing site to check out all the details about our 2023 Let's Retreat events, scheduled for November. You may have already dismissed the idea.

  • "I can't spend the money."

  • "I can't leave my family for two days."

  • "That feels self-serving. I can't take time for myself like that."

But the truth is, this is the experience you didn't even know you needed. And what your husband, your family, your ministry needs the most is a healthier, refreshed, refueled you.

So check out the details and pause. Ask the Holy Spirit, "Is this something you have for me this year?" If He says yes, trust Him to work out the details for you. Talk to your husband. Talk to a trusted friend. See what God will do to provide for His plan for your life!

Learn more about Sanctuary Let's Retreats here. We hope to see you in November!


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