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Let's celebrate!

Let's Talk with Sanctuary has officially completed its very first season of podcasting! <insert dance party music!> Many thanks to all of our listeners who gave us the privilege of speaking into your life, cheering you on, challenging you, consoling you, and empowering you to keep fulfilling the call God has placed on your life. As we launch into Season Two today, would you help us celebrate?

Help us CELEBRATE our first season by sharing the word about Let's Talk with Sanctuary:

Take a listen to EPISODE 1 of SEASON TWO on your favorite podcast app, or stream it through our site, as it has gone live today. You'll love hearing from Sanctuary's leadership team as we take a tour of our favorites in Season One and tackle the top issues facing today's ministry family. [Meet the team here.] Next week you'll want to find your way back to Sanctuary's site for a brand new blog from Sanctuary's founder Bridgette Tomlin.

Sanctuary is all about you, dear ministry wife. Give us feedback through our site to let us know what you'd like to see featured on the podcast and blog in the months just ahead. Let's redefine Sanctuary, friends.


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