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Just Ahead in 2023!

Just ahead in 2023 Sanctuary will be hosting a quarterly book club! Sanctuary's founder and podcast host Bridgette Tomlin will announce a new book for each quarter and will welcome a featured guest to discuss the book's premise at the beginning of each quarter throughout the year. With three months essentially to read each book, there won't be pressure to hastily complete each one. But the challenge to read from the diverse selection and engage in the social media discussions will be a personal investment by all participants.

First up? The first quarter's book selection is Carey Nieuwhof's At Your Best. Regardless of your current station in life--stay-at-home mom, on-the-job, at-the-church, or all-of-the-above--you'll benefit from the insights Carey brings through this practical array of life tweaks, gut checks, and reset ramps.

Whether you’re overwhelmed, overworked or overcommitted, At Your Best is the strategy to get your time, energy and priorities working in your favor.

Subscribe to Sanctuary's podcast, Let's Talk with Sanctuary, on your favorite podcast app so you won't miss the first episode of 2023! LTS host Bridgette Tomlin and her guest Leann Cherry will get you off on the right foot as they share their own hurdles with scheduling priorities, personal boundaries, overdrive adrenaline rushes, and so much more!


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