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Hope Is Calling

Hope is calling.

Hope is calling out to us, ringing among the myriad of blaring noises about us. It's almost like you hear its subtle ring but have to slowly click off or tune out all of the voices and alarms competing to drown it out. But Hope is still calling. Hope doesn't stop calling out just because there's shouting, screaming, chanting, or rioting. It just calls. It calls from the Cross. It calls from the empty tomb. It calls from an Upper Room.

Hope calls from heaven.

But what is Hope saying? Hold on. Hold on to what you know to be true above all the facts and myths swirling about you and hurling toward you. There are plenty of facts, for sure. More facts than we would care to acknowledge.

But the facts can change. The Truth remains.

Hope is calling. Take a moment today to acknowledge its sound, its message, and its mandate. Then hold on to its Truth because that will sustain when nothing else does.


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