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Celebrating 10K+ Downloads!

As we inch our way closer to a brand new year, Sanctuary is stopping to celebrate 10,000+ downloads of our podcast, Let's Talk with Sanctuary! We are early in Season Three and loving all the feedback we have received from listeners just like you. 2023 will bring new and exciting guests, relatable content, growth opportunities, and so much more. Have you listened to Let's Talk with Sanctuary? Let us hear from you! Here are a few things you can do to team up with #letstalksanctuary.

  1. Listen to Let's Talk on your preferred podcast app -OR- stream directly through our website.

  2. If your favorite podcast platform allows you to leave a rating or review, your 10-seconds of time will help us tremendously in getting the word out about this unique forum designed specifically for women in ministry and in leadership. At this time, the following popular podcast apps allow listeners to leave ratings and reviews:

  • Apple Podcasts (formerly known as “iTunes”)

  • Spotify (ratings only, no reviews)

  • Podchaser

  • Stitcher

  • Castbox (reviews only, no ratings)

  • Podcast Addict

  • Goodpods

  • Acast (ratings only, no reviews)

  • Amazon/Audible

3. Share your favorite episode with a friend so that she can discover the incredible content archive available at Let's Talk with Sanctuary!

What the listeners are saying...

"I am catching up on the podcasts I've missed...SO good! Keep up the amazing work. It's truly wonderful and needed."

"Great content. Perfect for where I live in ministry. I'm not alone! Thanks!"

"The topics, the guests, and interviewer are all inviting, on point, and touch the heart and head! This is a podcast to add, pause, repeat!"

"The episodes are always uplifting and encouraging to me!"

"So grateful for this podcast! So many great women of God sharing their trials and victories while offering such wisdom to us listening and learning! Thankful for a place of encouragement!"

"Thank God for this podcast! a topic that there is such a significant need for, yet very few resources."

"This podcast is just what I need to get me through some days. I love that the conversations are real, authentic, and on topics that relate to my life. Highly recommend for any woman in leadership and/or ministry. However, even if you aren't in ministry, many of these conversations will resonate with your life! Love this podcast and recommend it lost of people in my life!"

"Life in ministry is so hard. As a PK, then pastor's wife, as well as a minister myself, life has had some tough moments. This podcast, specifically Episode One, really ministered to me. I listened while driving down the road and had tears streaming down my cheeks. Ministry often comes with an extreme feeling of loneliness and unworthiness. Through God's grace and the voice of other women, we can make it and we will be great together!"


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