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Sanctuary Blog Break

Sanctuary strives to provide inspiration, encouragement, spiritual challenge, and connection to ministry wives across the United States and around the world. And God is using ministry wives to provide that for other ministry wives, often through our weekly blog. Over the next few months our team feels a blog break will grant us a reset button, allowing time to hear what the Spirit is saying, garner fresh creative thought processes, and procure the right series for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021.

Are you a blogger? Do you love to write? Submit an example of your material by email to Sanctuary! We look forward to hearing from you!

In the meantime, catch up through our blog archives. There's some incredibly rich material, written exclusively for ministry wives, right at your finger tips on our site. Also, stay connected through our social media platforms at Instagram and Facebook, as well through our quarterly Let's Connect events. And take a look at the details for Sanctuary's annual Let's Retreat, which is scheduled for this November. There are only a few suites left!

You are why Sanctuary exists, dear friend. Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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