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Let's Retreat 2019

In 2015 Sanctuary launched with its first retreat when a group of ministry wives were invited to join founder Bridgette Tomlin and her newly formed leadership team for two days and two nights of total rest and relaxation. "Sanctuary was simply the fulfillment of a vision God had been stirring in my heart for nearly two decades," Bridgette remembers. "I genuinely just saw a need and wanted to do what I could to help connect ministry wives to one another. I've never claimed to have all the answers. But I know that everyone needs someone in their corner now and again. And it's so beneficial to give ministry wives the opportunity to connect with someone who "gets it", who understands the lifestyle that full-time ministry requires."

With a heart to connect ministry wives and a desire to provide them with a weekend to unwind, rest, receive ministry, and connect, the Sanctuary retreat came to fruition for Bridgette and her husband Chresten, who themselves have now been in evangelistic ministry for nearly 22 years. God provided and a small group of just 20 women came together to discover their own sanctuary at a beautiful resort location in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This Thursday through Saturday, November 7-9, 2019, approximately two dozen women will come together once again for the third, now annual, retreat hosted by Sanctuary--Let's Retreat. Ministry wives from across the nation will converge on Gathering Oaks Retreat, a beautiful property just 20 minutes outside of Waco, Texas that sits on 30+ acres of land. This multi-night retreat features sessions of teaching, prayer, and relationship building, as well as time for pampering, rest, and relaxation. Its reduced rate makes this oasis affordable to each invited guest.

...this Retreat is the heart and soul of Sanctuary's existence.

While you may not have been able to block off these dates on the calendar for yourself, Sanctuary would like to request the following from you over these next few days:

1. Take some time to pray each day for this year's Let's Retreat guests. Ask God to make Himself very real and known to each guest, refresh them with His presence, and grant them an unbelievable amount of rest in a short amount of time.

2. Pray for the Sanctuary leadership team and for Bridgette Tomlin, that the Holy Spirit would lead them as they guide each of the guests through a relaxing weekend and provide ministry. It's not often that ministry wives get to selfishly receive ministry for themselves. May this opportunity produce exponential results.

3. Pray about how you can attend next year's Let's Retreat. Dates for the 2020 Retreat will be announced shortly after the new year. Your attendance will come about from intentional setting aside of time and resources to invest in YOU. And 'a healthy you' can accomplish far more for the Kingdom of God than 'a depleted you'.

You, dear friend, are why Sanctuary exists. And while Sanctuary has developed over the past five years into the various social media communities, mentoring opportunities, and community connections nationwide, this Retreat is the heart and soul of Sanctuary's existence. And it would be an honor to see you there in 2020.

In the meantime, Let's Connect.

Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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