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On the Rebound

They say ministry is a sacred privilege. But there some days it doesn't feel sacred or like a privilege. In fact, some days you just want to walk away and never return. Because effective ministry requires a measure of vulnerability, surrender to, and guarded trust with people--imperfect, messy, sometimes cruel, but generally well-meaning people--the risk is high for injury to those who serve in ministry.

Nobody understands that better than Jesus Himself! Let's turn our thoughts throughout September to the necessary steps and placement of mindset that must be continually attended to in order to move forward in a healthy manner and continue serving with a pure heart until He comes.

How do you rebound when the hurts of ministry knock you back a few paces? Let's talk.

Stop by Sanctuary each Wednesday of September to hear from guest bloggers who share from their own personal experiences and lessons learned to rebound from the hurts of ministry.

At Sanctuary, there's always hope for a rebound.

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