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We gotta stop saying that.

How many times have you been at a corporate meeting for ministers and found yourself saying "we really should get together soon", followed by a "call me and let's set something up", only to allow weeks, months, and, all too often, years go by before you purposefully put feet to that "getting together"? It's happened to the best of us. Life is busy. Our families need us. The ministry demands increase. And what gets leftovers Those pouring out who rarely receive pouring in.

We gotta stop saying "let's get together" and just do it.

Sanctuary launched the concept of Let's Connect just a few short years ago. But the concept isn't new. It's built upon what once came naturally to the Body of Christ: fellowship around the table.

Once a quarter we set up events, hosted by ministry wives who live and serve near you, called Let's Connect. They are casual dinner gatherings through which ministry wives who live near one another can simply connect over dinner. At Sanctuary we are convinced that the Number One tool in the enemy's toolbox targeting the Church is merely isolation. If Satan can isolate the leaders of the army of God, causing them to believe they are alone with no backup or reinforcements and that they are the only ones fighting the issues they are facing, he can sabotage the entire body of believers who are close behind.

At Sanctuary we are convinced that the Number One tool in the enemy's toolbox targeting the Church is merely isolation.

So let's beat him at his own game. Let's Connect. In late August Let's Connect events will take place on various nights [see current event listings here]. Event invitations have been set up by location via our Facebook group. Not a part of Facebook? No problem! Shoot us an email and we will connect you with a hostess in your area! She will be happy to give you further information about the venue and what to expect. What will make this opportunity even sweeter is if you take a few extra moments to contact another ministry wife who serves near you and invite her to tag along!

Don't see an event near you? That's because we still need a hostess there! And yes, there's still time to add your city to the lineup! It's as easy as selecting a location, reserving a table, adding guests to the Facebook event we create for you, and showing up a little early to greet.

Contact our Sanctuary team today to find out how you can Connect with ministry wives near you in a more intentional way. Let's redefine Sanctuary, friends.

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