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Dear You...

Dear Ministry Wife,

It's Monday and you are probably starting off this day with a little fatigue lurking behind that "let's do this" game face. While others took some time to relax this weekend, you may have found yourself catching up and preparing for weekend ministry after an already full week of real life. It's possible you had to prep a few extra casseroles just in case others showed up empty-handed for Sunday's potluck. Or maybe you had a last-minute run to the local warehouse club to pick up supplies for the church restroom facilities and nursery snacks. Did someone have an emergency come up, leaving you to fill in for the adult Sunday School class last minute?

We see you. We see how you manage to get the kids to church on time, often flying solo, arriving early and staying late. We see how you need your husband's undivided attention on the home front but don't see how you can require him to skip the hospital visits on Saturday night. And we see you giving your best, despite the restless nights, to faithfully fulfill your call and promote your husband's call with class and integrity.

But what if we told you that there's a getaway with your name on it? How about a suite that affords you a quiet space where you can think, rest, dream, pray,

Sanctuary Let's Retreat affords you such luxury at an affordable rate, making it possible to bump your sanity, wholeness, wellness, and effectiveness to top priority status. And now, the only thing standing in your way of this opportunity is your willingness to stop, pray, and say 'yes'.

Yes, you deserve a few nights away.

Yes, they'll survive while you're taking care of you.

Yes, you're worth it.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by Sanctuary to learn more about this amazing outlet scheduled for this November just 20 minutes from Waco, Texas. Don't say 'no' until you at least click here and see what it is all about. Let's redefine Sanctuary, dear one. Let's retreat.

In your corner,


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