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Book Review | Freedom!

Part Bible study, part testimony, part workbook, Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond it, is an honest, plain-speaking book aimed straight at the hearts of women. I believe the following quote from the book sums up Jennifer Watson’s primary message . . .

“There is an epidemic sweeping through the hearts of women: While we have outed our brokenness and can talk about it freely, somehow brokenness has become the biggest star in our story – not the backstory or the catalyst it was meant to be.” – Jennifer Watson, Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It.

Freedom! gets real about depression, feeling stuck, abuse, drama queen syndrome, anger, busyness, fear, and many other weapons of the enemy that attempt to break us. Jennifer identifies the power these weapons can have on us, and that it certainly is okay not to be okay, but that Jesus has a plan for us to move beyond “not okay” to a place of healing and abundance!

"(Jennifer) lets the reader know that God healed her, and He can heal them as well."

What I love about this book is how much it relies on the Bible to express its message. Too many books today lean more heavily on opinion and personal experience, and that can be dangerous. Bible passage after Bible passage fill the pages. This book is also part workbook, so read it with a pen and highlighter nearby. Reflective questions, fill-in-the-blank prayers, action steps, and questions to ponder end each chapter. The book is also part testimony. Jennifer makes herself vulnerable and shares stories from her life (with her unique sweet and sassy Southern style) that lets the reader know that God healed her, and He can heal them as well.

I recommend this book for any woman, but especially for someone who might be in a season of pain or disappointment. This book could definitely minister to women with a difficult and painful past. Jennifer’s message to the hurting is this . . .

“Hey, don’t count yourself out just yet. I know it hurts right now, but this is how warriors are made. It’s kind of like when you have birthing pains and you beg for something to numb it. Everything inside of you wants to quit, but somehow you push through the pain because you were designed to carry the most important and beautiful things in life to the other side of that pain. There is a place on the other side of it, and it’s worth the ache to get you there. It always hurts most right before your biggest breakthrough.” – Jennifer Watson, Freedom! The Gutsy Pursuit of Breakthrough and the Life Beyond It.

The book ends with an exhortation to the reader to seek accountability and mentorship. She shares personal stories of mentorship and relationships with her “Tribe,” and not only encourages the reader to seek out mentors and safe friends, but also gives the reader practical advice for how to find them and how to interact with them.

I encourage you to read this book for YOU, and then give it to someone else. I think everyone can learn, grow, and receive healing from Jennifer’s story and from the words of life she shares.


Welcome to WEEK TWO of our Sanctuary Summer Book Club! Each week we will feature a review of one of our favorite reads--something that will challenge you, remind you to re-read, refresh, or provide the motivation you've been needing to take some time to just invest in YOU. Comment below with your first/last name/city/state to enter our weekly giveaway.

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Martha Fouts and her husband, Kevin, of 24 years have three boys, ages 18, 17 and 15. Her primary passion in ministry at Discovery Church (Yukon, OK), where the couple are lead pastors, is to serve wherever she is needed, from women's ministry to hospitality. But her personal passion is to write. With four books to her credit, as well as a blog, Martha has a wide variety of offerings for the female reader. When she manages to find free time between her taxi services to three active boys, Martha loves to go shopping or snuggle up with a good book. Looking for a new book to read? Martha has recently published a new book! You can find her works at Amazon or your favorite e-book retailer.

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