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Book Review | Holy Hustle

What sounds like an excellent idea to one causes a panic attack in another. We are talking redeeming the word hustle. Not the old school definition of cheating someone, but the working at the work we love, finding joy in the freedom of pursuing that work to make impact for the Kingdom without guilt.

We all agree we are called according to His purpose. We all agree we are to share the best news with others; thus, introducing them to a relationship with Jesus. We all agree at some point rest is needed. The rub is we don’t all agree on how much work and rest is needed.

“Hustle tells us we should push ourselves ahead to get more. Holy hustle,” writes author Crystal Stine, “tells us to work hard in the name of Jesus to make His name great, not ours. Holy hustle comes not from working ourselves to exhaustion, but from excitedly working for the Lord.”

There is no standard for working hard or resting well. God did set an example by hustling to create all the things, including mankind, in six days and; then, He rested. But, He’s…well, He’s God! What if God wired you with a personality that loves a challenge, seemingly endless energy, as well as living your faith openly?

When He knitted our tiny self together, His plans were for us to throw the spotlight on Him from whatever stage, classroom, kitchen or office where we hustle. Because nothing about us is a surprise, our Heavenly Father certainly looks at us –with buttons popping—knowing He can redeem mankind by redeeming our hustle and setting us loose with our creative flair to do work it!

Oh, but what if I am the quiet, easy plodder? There is something for you to embrace within these pages, also, like investing and sharing our gifts and hobbies with others helping them to discover or develop their strengths. I erroneously thought encouragement was the worst gift ever God could have given me. Through community, I am discovering how to grow that gift as I serve.

Dear Sanctuary Sister, I recommend this book because we of the ministry tend to let our personal pendulums swing from extreme to extreme. The extreme of nose-to-the- grindstone-without-relationships to the extreme of all-day-pajama-party-Netflix-binging-of-one. Crystal Stine offers us a look into purpose, honor, community and balance partnered with our Creator.


We are in WEEK THREE of our Sanctuary Summer Book Club! Each week we will feature a review of one of our favorite reads--something that will challenge you, remind you to re-read, refresh, or provide the motivation you've been needing to take some time to just invest in YOU. Comment below with your first/last name/city/state to enter our weekly giveaway.

Let's redefine summer @Sanctuary!

What's your current favorite book? Share with us in the comments below!


Samalee --"Sam" to friends-- and Terry Allen have been in ministry together since before the day they said, "I do," in 1985. Still under the belief that student ministry is the best job ever, the Allens continue to help feed, educate and medically-assist students in India as mission representatives with Calcutta Mercy & Huldah Buntain. The couple also recently launched a support group--MVP Leader Group--for ministry families. You can find MVP currently on all social media platforms and via their brand new website! Their son, Dane, and daughter-in-love, Emily, serve on-staff at The Church at Pleasant Grove in Tennessee, where Sam & Terry lead a weekly Bible study life group when not traveling for the ministry. Sam blogs at and is also one of Sanctuary's Let's Come Alongside mentors.

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