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Book Review | Turnaround God

“My favorite book.” That is a tough one, especially due to the amount of books that have passed over my desk in the last (almost) seven years. Many times, as part of my job requirements, I am called upon to do a quick book breakdown for an upcoming television guest, which means skimming a book and pulling out the key points to share with our Senior Producers here at Daystar Television.

This one, though, was the first one that came to mind when asked to share a summer book review, and I took that to heart. The title of the book I want to share with you is Turnaround God: Discovering God’s Transformational Power by Charlotte Gambill. This is not her latest book, but the one that stayed with me, even after reading so many others.

We were in our first senior pastorate position and in the midst of learning the good, the bad, and ugly of all that is involved in leading a smaller church body smack dab in the middle of a huge metro area. I will confess, I was beat down and not sure what God was doing or saying. Then I read this…

“We cannot allow our circumstances to compromise what Christ paid the highest price to attain. We must awaken our hearts, stir up our faith, and begin to look again at the places God has positioned us in. We need to see with new eyes the possibilities that our turnaround God can create in the places where no one else sees potential. We must seek to be the ones who bring answers where others only see problem. We need to shake off the complacency that can so quickly enter our hearts, causing us to settle for less than His Word promises.

“This is when the turnaround God is not just someone you have heard about, but someone you are completely dependent upon. The depth of our understanding of our turnaround God often makes the difference between starting and completing.”

This is when the turnaround God is not just someone you have heard about, but someone you are completely dependent upon.

Charlotte Gambill continues with her reason for writing this book.

“I have seen too many half-built homes, abandoned dreams, and unfinished projects. We embark into the desolate places with initial excitement. But if our understanding of God is limited and we do not find a deeper revelation of God’s turnaround capacity, our excitement will wane. And when desolation shouts, we may be tempted to reduce our commitment, downsize our projects, and doubt the possibilities.”

Charlotte brings out the point that some Christians get too settled and satisfied in their lives and develop a turn aversion. She also brings out the point that we may not think God is making the turn quick enough so we either navigate with our feelings, jeopardizing our future, or apathy attacks our spirits.

“Apathy cannot turn a city; it can’t shape a community, grow a ministry, or impact the world. Apathy puts on its slippers where passion used to put on sneakers. Apathy lets things go that God has asked us to own. Apathy says it doesn’t matter when your spirit knows it does. The apathy that begins to creep into your life is the beginning of you losing control of your zone.”

I would recommend Turnaround God to another ministry wife or friend, or any believer that is feeling stuck, in need of a miracle or direction. This book’s content could be the catalyst to that Turnaround in your ministry, marriage, or life in general.


Welcome to WEEK ONE of our Sanctuary Summer Book Club! Each week we will feature a review of one of our favorite reads--something that will challenge you, remind you to re-read, refresh, or provide the motivation you've been needing to take some time to just invest in YOU. Comment below with your first/last name/city/state to enter our weekly giveaway.

Let's redefine summer @Sanctuary!

What's your current favorite book? Share with us in the comments below!


Barbie Harris is a devoted daughter, ministry wife, and mother from Fort Worth, Texas who is also employed full-time at Daystar Television Network as the Senior Producer's Assistant. She and her husband Ken also serve in full-time ministry as Worship/Outreach Pastors at First Assembly DFW (DFW metroplex, TX). In her spare time, Barbie blogs at If I Were to Write a Book about life with two boys with special needs that she and her husband adopted 18 years ago.

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