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Sanctuary Summer Book Club

Let's kick off Summer 2019 by making a fresh commitment to read a book or two. Inevitably if you ask a ministry wife these days how she is doing, her reply resembles one of two general responses: "I'm busy" or "I'm tired"! Life is moving at a reasonably swift pace. But that is all the more reason for us to carve out some time to decompress, brew a fresh pot of coffee or steep some Earl Grey in a favorite mug, flip the pages of a good book, and breathe.

Throughout the summer Sanctuary will feature some of our favorite reads and maybe draw your attention to an undiscovered gem that will hopefully peak your interest. Got a favorite you'd like to share a review on? Send it our way! We'd love to share about it on our social media outlets and, if there's time, via our blog.

Let's redefine Sanctuary. Let's savor the summer. See you Monday.

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