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Redefining Sanctuary

Greetings, dear friends! In order to better prepare for our upcoming fall series, we are taking a brief blogging break for the next 30 days. Please take some time over the coming weeks to peruse through our archives. With dozens of blogs that specialize in ministry to the ministry wife, we are confident there is something you can draw from in a new and fresh way. Be reminded: while ministry resources will be offered here on occasion, our ultimate goal is to minister to you. Just you. A woman who loves God and happens to be serving in a rather public fashion for the Cause of Christ.

Perhaps today you're thriving and feeling fully equipped and in a great place to serve the Lord, your family, your ministry, and the people involved there. Take this opportunity to build yourself up in this most holy faith by feasting on the wealth of experiences, lessons learned, and spiritual challenges embodied within each blog entry. It's possible, however, that today you're struggling. You may have found this site in your current search for a ray of hope. "Is it supposed to be like this?", you've asked yourself and God, and maybe your husband!

You've found it! Here's a ray of hope. Let us help you redefine Sanctuary for your personal walk with the Lord, your marriage, and your ministry.

Welcome to Sanctuary, sister. We are glad you are here.


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