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Let's Connect!

At Sanctuary, we believe that isolation is the #1 tool Satan is using to destroy many ministers and their families. Let's beat the enemy at his own game by coming together instead of becoming isolated, wondering "if we are the only ones" combating this situation or feeling that way. Let's Connect.

Our first Let's Connect events for 2017 are just a few weeks away! On Thursday, March 2, five locations will gather together for a simple dinner together, and hopefully some laughs, meaningful conversations, and new connections. Info for these regional gatherings can be found on our Facebook event page. Then, on Thursday, March 9, the ministry wives in Northwest Arkansas will be gathering in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

If you live within a reasonable distance of one of these gatherings, please, SAVE THE DATE now and make plans to join the fun! Invite a fellow ministry wife to road-trip with you! These regional events are expanding, so if one is not currently scheduled near you, take the challenge: set aside MARCH 2 as your own Let's Connect date. Gather some ministry wives near you together for dinner or coffee! Then, post on our Facebook page, letting us know about your great time!

We can't wait to MEET you! Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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