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Marriage + Ministry

Join us throughout the month of February as we tackle a topic left untouched all too often: marriage + ministry. Marriage alone presents its own wonderfully complicated cycles of bliss and struggle. Factoring in the dynamic of ministry can, at times, present conflicts with which few can relate.

  • Can marriage within ministry be 'heaven on earth'?

  • Is this all there is?

  • Why can't our marriage be like theirs?

  • How are we supposed to lead others when we can't get our own home straight?

  • Are we husband and wife or simply pastor and co-pastor?

  • Is there hope for MY husband?

  • Did I say "I Do" to this?

Four great weeks. Four real ministry wives. Four different stories to tell. Don't miss one week! Launching Monday, February 6, 2017!

Ready to begin? Start here.

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