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Prayer: The Series

As August rolls around, routines return, schedules shift, and preparation begins for a different structure of life once again. This impacts ministry and family life in a dramatic way and often incites beginning of fresh ministry outlets and discipleship platforms. But what about your personal walk with the Lord? Do you find yourself listening in prayer for the next great thing to post or tweet? Or do you pause now and again to hear the voice of the Lord for you...the woman after God's own heart.

At Sanctuary we will be drawing a circle of prayer and bringing our thoughts back to the simplest, yet often most complex, discipline in the life of a believer. Will you make plans to join us? Stop back by weekly, beginning Monday, August 1, here at the site as we walk this journey together and remind one another about the powerful potential that lies just on the other side of waiting in His presence.

Go to WEEK ONE of Prayer: The Series.

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