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The Table Experience

Hello Ladies ~

What a joy to share my heart with you on the gift of hospitality. It is truly a gift from God that is very dear to His heart. The Table Experience has always been so special to me since I was a child. There was always room for one more, at the family table. It was a place to enjoy a meal, a time of laughter, encouraging words, and heartfelt love expressed over sipping iced tea and, of course, prayer. Our Family Table was not decked out with beautiful flowers, place mats, scented candles or a lovely tablecloth. We were of very simple means, but the heart of hospitality was a given from my parents. I learned at the youngest remembrance of what it was like to see love and hear laughter and share prayer needs with other friends and family around the Table. My heart was so full to experience such richness, even with little means. Personally, I didn’t know any difference. It was HOME where family and friends gathered and it was

sweet joy.

The importance of the Table Experience is valuable and profitable. The table is where faith, hope and love are expressed. Food always brings people together. It’s nourishment to the body and spirit. Jesus enjoyed the Table Experience. He even blessed the five loaves and two fishes of the little boy’s lunch and provided lunch for over 5,000 people. He used what He had, broke bread, prayed, and then shared it with others.

Whether you host a wonderful meal, coffee, tea, cookies, or snacks, it’s a place to bring hearts together. When you sit across the table from someone it becomes common ground. Character, courage & discipline are demonstrated around the table. Hospitality is a reflection of your warm heart that refreshes the spirit of your guests. In all of our preparation it’s a joy to cover in prayer. The Word says as we have done unto the least of these, we have done unto Him.

Throughout the Word of God through Scriptures you will find that hospitality was a real ministry to the Prophets of old, a variety of people from all walks of life, and, of course, Jesus. It is a very powerful ministry that is meaningful when given in the name of Christ. In the giving of hospitality it is a blessing both to the hostess and the guests.

So let’s “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” (1 Peter 4:9)

I would like to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and reach out to others and bless them. What a privilege, honor and delight to minister to others in the name of Jesus Christ. Enjoy this gift and treasure it, for the return of joy will be great. It will bless you as much or more than the receiver. It is more blessed to give than receive.

I love you, precious One in Christ. You are special, beautiful, valuable, treasured, and God has amazing plans far beyond your dreams and imagination. Don’t miss out on the wonderful Adventure of Hospitality. It will challenge you, grow you, and benefit you and others. GO for it Girl!



Click here to read the second part of this entry, which includes practical training in hospitality from Dorcas!

Dorcas Schroeder has been communicating God’s Word for 35-plus years with warmth and grace, inspiring others to pursue a more intimate relationship with Him. Her passion is to see herself and others embrace the joys of walking with Christ in every day experiences. Due to various circumstances in her family, Dorcas became caregiver to both her parents and her brother who suffered with A.I.D.S. Through heartache, disappointment, great losses, and life happenings, she has learned where her source of help came from through the Scriptures that leaped off the pages of the Bible to become a reality. Her ministry is designed specifically for women for Practical Living Every Day. Dorcas’ desire is to show women their true value and worth in God’s eyes and their potential to uniquely influence the world around them. Dorcas enjoys decorating, gardening, & designing electronic cards for hundreds of people throughout the year. Married to the man of her dreams, Karl, for 44 years, Dorcas absolutely loves her husband and two grown children, Karlj and Tabitha, their spouses, and six grandchildren. Dorcas and Karl attend & serve at The Bridge in Mustang, OK. Follow her on Instagram @Dorcas7

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