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So what is Sanctuary?

"When I thought how to understand this, It was too painful for me—Until I went into the sanctuary of God;" Psalm 73:16-17

If you were to stop by my house this afternoon, one of the first things I would offer you would be a cup of hot tea (or coffee if you prefer!). Conversation just seems to happen naturally with a cup of tea within your reach, and maybe a butter cookie or something fresh from the oven. And that's how I would really like things to feel between you and me as we get to know each other and learn from this life of ministry together.

With nearly two decades on the field with my hubby, I've often sat across the table from fellow ministry wives, hearing and feeling their need to connect with someone who "gets it". Many ministry wives are desperate to find a haven, a place of healing. Others simply need rest. Many are needing connection and reassurance. And still others are craving fulfillment in ministry, but are coming up empty handed where they are planted alongside their husbands.

I knew I didn't have all the answers. I was and am still trying to figure it all out myself from time to time! But I kept asking the Lord to give me a way to minister to ministry wives. It wasn't until 2013 that the Lord began to stir in my heart a vision of how to connect ministry wives to one another on an even greater level, beyond one-on-one. By 2014 I sensed His release and my husband's support to move forward. Sanctuary//Ministry to Ministry Wives launched with its first retreat in February 2015.

Raised in a preacher's home and now married to a preacher, I know the highs and lows this life can bring to a marriage, a family, and, most importantly, to you. My heart is to not only encourage you along the way but to connect you with a community of sisters who hear you, see you, identify with you, love you and will pray for you. Together, let's create our own sanctuary where His presence draw us closer to Him and to one another.

Sanctuary is designed with the wives of full-time ministers in mind. The word 'sanctuary' is defined as "a place of refuge or safety". However, for many ministry wives, the term may represent "prison"....a place where they feel trapped.

Let's redefine sanctuary.

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