We believe there's more...

Through our Sanctuary retreatsLet's Connect events, the Facebook online community, and personal connection, Sanctuary is growing in its influence to bridge the gap and forge a greater sense of safety and unity among the women who serve so faithfully in ministry with their husbands. 


But we believe there's more...

Now we are introducing something even more intentional to meet your needs right where you are through intentional mentoring. What if you could benefit from someone who has walked a similar path to the one you're on right now? What if "her lessons learned" could become "your rescue pack" with the added bonus of a fresh voice speaking into your life and passing along some hard-earned wisdom?

Welcome to Let's Come Alongside, Sanctuary's new ground floor mentoring program featuring ministry wives who will afford you the resource of their time and experience through four scheduled mentoring sessions.

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Sanctuary is in no way providing professional counseling. Our mentors are offering care to come alongside you:  to be a sounding board, a listening ear, and to offer wisdom from our own experiences in ministry. Each of our mentors is motivated to love to talk and pray with you on your journey--to just be there for you. All conversations, via any form of communication, will be held in strict confidence between the mentor and mentee, with the only exception being if the mentor believes the mentee to be a danger to herself or others (a very rare occurrence).

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