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Holy Knitted-ness

I have come to believe, until we are comfortable with who God knit us to be, we will keep trying to conform to the models we see. It is like

What's Your Secret?

If they could do it, so could you and so can I. I've heard it said before, "sin makes you stupid". And it only takes one &quot

Christ, My Confidence

“Let Christ be your confidence” is what the older ministry wife told me three decades ago when I was scrounging around for some peace in my

Guard Your Heart

In times of ministry transition, I have learned that I need to guard my heart. I have often said that the hardest part of ministry is leavin

Taking a Moment While in Transition

I’ve discovered that during times of transition the wisest action I can take is to actually take a break from action. For me, it’s tempting to jump in with both feet as soon as I get in a new position. I see areas that obviously need fixing, and I want to get in there and fix them. However, I’ve learned the hard way that jumping in and fixing everything isn’t always the best initial action. Instead, I believe we should take three steps when we transition to a new position: pray, observe, and evaluate. In seasons of transition, the first thing we should do is pray. We want to make certain that we are spirit led – asking the Lord to show us what our new role will be, who we need to reach out t

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