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Spring (Blog) Break

During Spring Break at Sanctuary, we are taking a blog break for the remainder of March to prepare for April's unveiling of our newest a

Healing the Hurts of Ministry

Is ministry life everything you imagined it would be? Maybe you didn’t have a clear picture of what this life would be like when you began this journey. If you’re like me, you desire to help people, make a difference in the world, and advance God’s Kingdom here on earth. You want to do great things for God and never realized the challenges and hurts that you would encounter. After all, shouldn’t all Christians get along with each other? Shouldn’t people who go to church be nice to each other? Why is it so very difficult and painful at times to do what God has called you to do? For many years, I worked in the business world and with a significant number of people who did not have a personal r

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