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Working 9-to-When?

It's Wednesday night. At 11pm. I am desperate for sleep after a day packed with endless questions, messes to clean up, meals to cook, er

The Bridge That Connects

If There’s One Thing I’ve Learned… Never burn a bridge. You just might need to cross back over it or you might need the help of that bridge

Let's Connect

Our Let's Connect events will be kicking off for the new year in February with two dates featuring over 20 different Connects across the

Doing What Only I Can Do

You see, I can teach, I can cook, I can clean, I can sing a little, play piano a little, organize ministries, and on and on, but other peopl

Hope After Broken Dreams

What I have learned in 20 years of ministry is that He is there in obscurity. He’s there when I can’t see Him, or feel Him, and when I don’t see Him moving. He’s there in the lowest moments when I feel abandoned and alone. He’s there when I blame Him, pull away from Him and hide in my pit. And He’s not just there. He working on my behalf—for me. ...obscurity doesn't always mean the death of dreams. He’s producing something in me, stretching and growing me. He’s accomplishing His plan for His kingdom, even when I don’t like it. Because it’s not for me. It’s all for Him. I had to learn that the dreams He birthed in my heart were not for me, but for Him. And when I learned to stop focusing on

New Series Launches Jan 8

Next week, beginning January 8, we are excited to share a blog series, which will continue each week in January, from our @sanctuarym2mw team entitled "If There's One Thing I've Learned". Each member of our leadership team will share from her wealth of experience in ministry life over multiple decades. There are lessons learned through experience--sometimes by mistakes, others through successes--that can only better equip us for more effective ministry and joy-filled family lives and marriages along the journey of life. Subscribe to our site through the link at the footer and receive updates as each week's blog is posted. Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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