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Tackling the Top Three, Part Two

Last week I shared from my recent sabbatical experience and the lessons I learned about the Top Three Reasons I reached burnout while reachi

Tackling the Top Three

I'm seeing more clearly as to the cause of my distress. I've discovered top three reasons my life led to burnout. Let's start wi

Snagging the Pass-Through

There is this turning point, though, when you are in the business of helping people, that often times you start taking in information only t

Bye, Bye, Burnout

My pastor husband and I were walking down the familiar halls of the hospital. We were visiting a lady from our church who had a non-life-thr

Bye Bye Burnout

Just ahead, launching December 4th, our blog will feature a new series featuring the "confessions of a burned out pastor's wife". Have you ever found yourself pining for a road of escape? Daydreamed about a secret getaway where you could be alone and away from it all? Ministry can be an amazingly wonderful thing, but can also take its toll on the devoted laborer. Ministry wife Sheila Harper will bare her soul in this 4-week series, Bye, Bye, Burnout.

12 Days of Giveaways

The Twelve Days of Giveaways, our annual Christmas favorites giveaway, launches today! Each day for the first twelve days of December, we will be giving away some of our favorite things. How do you enter? Subscribe at our site by clicking here! Let's redefine Sanctuary.

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