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Love, Love, Love the Ministry!

It’s all about our focus, our perspective and the attitude we choose to have. We have to be intentional with our positive attitudes.

"Hello, we are the preachers."

Growing up with parents who were ministers didn’t feel much different than most of my friends. I felt like we were pretty normal. Normal for

Coming in November

Gratefulness doesn't just come naturally. It's not gleaned by osmosis. It is a learned and trained discipline of the soul and mind. Let's le

Finding Grace at the Family Table

As a child, I could never have fully understood what we experienced. But now that I’m older and in ministry myself I see that we, as a famil

Family, First. Ministry, Second.

People used to ask me, “What’s it like being a pastor’s kid (PK)”? I thought this was the craziest question EVER.  I mean, what’s it like be

Let's Connect!

Tonight we are excited to connect with many of our ministry wives as we are offering FOUR EVENTS IN FOUR LOCATIONS! Join us for this low-key evening of connection, fun, and food for ministry wives in a location near you! We have a private room reserved. Your only expense is the purchase of your dinner. Invite a fellow ministry wife to join you. It'll be a great night of new and familiar connections. Click >>here<< for more info!

It's time to say "thanks".

The month of October is widely known to be a month where the body of Christ honors and shows their appreciation for those who serve them in ministry. While these precious servants and leaders are worthy of appreciation and acknowledgment throughout the year, it is important to take this time to show honor in a grander way. This can prove to be perplexing to many as not everyone can fully grasp what it requires to function in a ministry family, much less how to fully show your gratitude for the ministry wife. And often times the man behind the pulpit draws the greatest attention while his fearless wife is scrambling behind to hold it all together! But at Sanctuary, our heart is to minister to

Life in the Glass House

Raising a child to love and be like Jesus is tough. Doing it in the ministry spotlight is even tougher. I know this firsthand as the mother

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